BOS Ltd provides a broad spectrum of services which are not necessarily required on a daily basis and within a smaller size establishment the resources are not always available in-house to fulfill these requirements.

As an employer there will be occasions when you need additional assistance.  This may be for a specific project, during increased workloads or staff shortages.  It is always reassuring to know that you can call someone at short notice who will be able to assist.

Unlike using temp staff BOS Ltd aims to build relationships with Clients to fully understand their business and requirement. In doing this BOS Ltd effectively becomes another member of your staff but only when required.

Key Benefits

    • A full range of services available as and when required
    • Only pay for the services you actually use
    • No staff costs including holiday, sick pay, PAYE, tax or National Insurance
    • No recruiting or training costs
    • Fee earners free to concentrate on turnover of the business